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Suppressing Protest in America: Human Rights Violations in Response to OCCUPY: In September 2011, waves of protests against mounting socioeconomic injustice broke out across the United States, capturing the attention of the country. The Occupy Wall Street movement, inspired by similar protests around the globe, used the occupation of public space and mass demonstrations to call attention to a wide array of shared concerns. But across the United States, abusive and unlawful protest regulation and policing practices have been and continue to be alarmingly evident. This report follows a review of thousands of news reports and hundreds of hours of video, extensive firsthand observation, and detailed witness interviews. In New York City, some of the worst practices documented include: read the report, its to download. These practices violate assembly and expression rights and breach the U.S. government’s international legal obligations to respect those rights. In New York City, protest policing concerns are extensive and exist against a backdrop of disproportionate and well-documented abusive policing practices in poor and minority communities outside of the protest context.

The sole purpose of this posting by me is to draw attention to what must be the most comprehensive, well researched report on the policing of OCCUPY yet to date. The amount of information and references listed is staggering and … Continue reading

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They cant break the strike: British Lonmine do not accept to bring up the wages, negotiations failed, workers forbid their representatives to sign an agreement, if they do not get the demands 1200 Euro per month – Only four percent of workers break the strike and are at work – 162 of the 270 jailed workers have come out of prison – Analyst: The return of police riot: Escalating police violence is a symptom of a growing social crisis!

Labour Dept, CCMA intervention at Lonmin unsuccessful Monday 3 September 2012 17:48 SABC The Lonmin Platinum Mine situated in Marikana, North West.(SABC) Tags: Department of Labour CCMA Strike Mineworkers Marikana North West Peace Accord Wage Amcu Jacob Zuma Lonmin Efforts … Continue reading

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