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Africa has a common history as a colonised continent and need to unite to get equal rights and a live according to the Universal Declaration of Human rights for all Africans; we support all, who support the unification in africa for these aims and to overcome the divisions; the continent has to contribute so much to the common future of mankind

Peace accord signed at Lomnin, without an agreement on wages! Will the workers sign or continue to strike? The accord commits the strikers to return to work by Monday and the Lonmin mine to negotiate the workers R12 500 pay demand. The accord also states that peace should prevail during negotiations and that peace and stability at the mine should be restored. The Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union, AMCU, did not sign the peace accord, but their representatives were present. Miners say they will not go back to work until their demand for the salary-hike has been met. The chamber of mines believes the R12 500 salary demand by striking miners at Marikana is unreasonable. The miners are being supported by Methodist Minister Paul Verryn, a former anti-apartheid campaigner, who said their call to be paid 12,500 rand (1,200 euros) per month was fair. “I actually think by comparison towards what some people in this mine are earning, and some of the investors are earning from what is coming from this mine, R12.5 is reasonable,” he said.

Video: south-african-miners-defiant-over-pay-protest Peace accord signed at Lomnin Thursday 6 September 2012 05:35 SABC Feedback on the accord will be given to the miners this morning. (SABC) TAGS: Lonmin mine Marikana mine National Union of Mineworkers UASA Rustenburg Civic Centre North West … Continue reading

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The world rembers the young South African Steve Biko, who was killed because he fought for a non-racistic world: Qutes: “So as a prelude whites must be made to realise that they are only human, not superior. Same with Blacks. They must be made to realise that they are also human, not inferior. The most potent weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.”

South-Africa remembers Steve Biko Thursday 6 September 2012 06:06 SABC Struggle hero Steve Biko. (SABC) TAGS: Biko month South Africa Steve Biko Biko Foundation Obenewa Amponsah Biko annual lecture Professor Ben Okri King William’s Town September marks Biko month, remembering … Continue reading

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Striking Miners accuse police, that they have tortured them in the prison! Police Killing of Africans, now torture-claims! What has changed since the time of Steve Biko? – But nevertheless the strike gets stronger! More then 90 percent are striking and now two Trade Unions overcome their division at Lonime: NUM now also supports the demand to bring salaries up from 400 to 1200 Euro per month. NUM President, Senzeni Zokwana, recently undertook a mission to Canada to study the salary grading of mineworkers. “Following this study, I can say that the amount that rock drillers are earning is far less than the extremes they are exposed to.” OccupyThinkTank: According to the General Declaration of Human rights, workers have worldwide, in South Africa as in Canada, the right to get for the same work the same salary! (Universal Declaration off Human Rights, Article 23. (1) Everyone has the right to work, to free choice of employment, to just and favourable conditions of work and to protection against unemployment. (2) Everyone, without any discrimination, has the right to equal pay for equal work.)

Torture Bill to be reviewed amid Lonmin mine workers’ allegations Tuesday 4 September 2012 19:11 SABC The Human Rights Committee will review the Prevention and Combatting of Torture of Persons Bill (SABC) TAGS: Human Rights Committee Lonmin mine workers Prevention … Continue reading

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Im Kongo kommen immer mehr Menschen ums Leben – im Kampf um die Kontrolle der rohstoffreichen Regionen sind bereits viele Millionen gestorben! Kongolesen beklagen mit diesem Video dass, die Welt nicht darüber erfährt! Die Medien schweigen, die Industrieländer verdienen und die Warlords! Eine Radikalisierung der Verdammten dieser Erde wird kommen! Noch ist es Zeit, zusammen Wege der Kooperation und Solidarität zu finden und die Täter in Afrika und den feinen Büros der Industriestaaten zu stoppen! Machen wir Kongo zum Thema! Ausgebeutet von Diktatoren, ausgeblutet durch Kriege und Kolonialherrschaft: Die Geschichte des Kongo ist die exemplarische Katastrophe Afrikas. weiter Infos: KongoTausende Kinder fliehen vor Zwangsrekrutierung REUTERS Entwicklungshelfer schlagen Alarm: Aus Angst vor einem Einsatz als Soldaten flüchten immer mehr Kinder aus dem Kongo in die angrenzenden Länder. Oft schlagen sich die Minderjährigen allein durch – und landen … Continue reading

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Lonmin strikers urged not to retreat from their demands – African Peoples Convention (APC) leader Themba Godi has urged striking Lonmin workers not to retreat from their demands for salary increases. Godi was addressing close to 3 000 people at Wonderkop in Marikana in North West, the site where 34 miners were killed last month. He says should the workers go back to work without being granted the R12 500 salary that they want, this would be tantamount to betrayal of those workers killed by the police last month. Lonmine now promises, not to dismiss any of the striking workers, last week they still threatened to dismiss all workers, who do not come to work! A progress, but not enough, the workers have acooding to the General Declaration of Human Rights the right to get salaries, from which they can make a decent living

Lonmin strikers urged not to retreat from their demands Tuesday 4 September 2012 12:52 SABC APC leader Themba Godi.(SABC) TAGS: African Peoples Convention APC Themba Godi Lonmin mine Wonderkop Marikana North West   African Peoples Convention (APC) leader Themba Godi … Continue reading

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One quarter of Liberian land has been sold to logging companies in just two years, threatening the country with widespread devastation, according to a report. A new spate of logging contracts in Liberia – the most heavily forested country in west Africa – means that 40% of its forests are under private ownership and risk being flattened by logging companies, says the report. The report, by environmental watchdogs Global Witness, Save My Future Foundation and the Sustainable Development Institute, claimed PUPs had been given to private companies without consulting local groups and in some cases using forged documents. “People being defrauded out of their forest rights at this speed and scale is worrying in itself. When you look at who the forests have been given to, it gets even more alarming,” said Jonathan Gant, of Global Witness. “Giving your forests to companies like that is not a sustainable investment.”However, land reform – one of the issues identified by Liberia’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s final report as a cause of the war – has not yet happened, and is regarded as a threat to peace in the country.

Liberia has sold quarter of its land to logging companies, says report Campaigners claim forests are under threat as landowners enter into deals with logging firms, bypassing sustainability laws Share9 Email Afua Hirsch, west Africa correspondent, Tuesday 4 September 2012 10.31 BST … Continue reading

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Tunisia leads the fight against ‘odious debts’ – Since mid-2012 Tunisia is back in the headlines again. This time, the country is catching the media’s attention because of the tough stance taken by the new Government demanding the repudiation of debts that served the interests of the former ruling clique. In signaling such a stand, the new Tunisian government is setting a historic precedent in Africa that would serve the interests of not only the people of indebted African nations but also those of Africa’s creditors and donors.

Tunisia leads the fight against ‘odious debts’ September 4, 2012 by Professor Léonce Ndikumana, Director of the Africa Policy Program at PERI, University of Massachusetts, Amherst USA; nominated to the U.N. Committee for Development Policy. The regime change in Tunisia … Continue reading

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