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We overuse our planet and destroy it, but even now most of us live in poverty; how we can change our way of living, so that everybody can live in dignity without overusing our planet? Let us learn it together.

One quarter of Liberian land has been sold to logging companies in just two years, threatening the country with widespread devastation, according to a report. A new spate of logging contracts in Liberia – the most heavily forested country in west Africa – means that 40% of its forests are under private ownership and risk being flattened by logging companies, says the report. The report, by environmental watchdogs Global Witness, Save My Future Foundation and the Sustainable Development Institute, claimed PUPs had been given to private companies without consulting local groups and in some cases using forged documents. “People being defrauded out of their forest rights at this speed and scale is worrying in itself. When you look at who the forests have been given to, it gets even more alarming,” said Jonathan Gant, of Global Witness. “Giving your forests to companies like that is not a sustainable investment.”However, land reform – one of the issues identified by Liberia’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s final report as a cause of the war – has not yet happened, and is regarded as a threat to peace in the country.

Liberia has sold quarter of its land to logging companies, says report Campaigners claim forests are under threat as landowners enter into deals with logging firms, bypassing sustainability laws Share9 Email Afua Hirsch, west Africa correspondent, Tuesday 4 September 2012 10.31 BST … Continue reading

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Un été chaud et long: Chaleur et sécheresse exceptionnelle reviennent à la Une de l’actualité en frappant notamment de grands pays producteurs de céréales, au premier rang desquels les Etats-Unis. Résultat : les récoltes sont au plus bas, et les cours flambent.

un-ete-chaud-et-long Chaleur et sécheresse exceptionnelle reviennent à la Une de l’actualité en frappant notamment de grands pays producteurs de céréales, au premier rang desquels les Etats-Unis. Résultat : les récoltes sont au plus bas, et les cours flambent. Reportage de … Continue reading

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Tokyo’s anti-nuclear protesters remember WorldWar II: He said the current government’s push for nuclear energy reminded him of Tokyo’s totalitarian governance during the war, which forced ordinary people to enlist and live in poverty under strict state control. “At that time, Japanese people received orders from the government and big businesses that slighted their lives,” he said. “What’s happening with nuclear power plants now is that the government and big business are disregarding people’s lives,” he said.

Tokyo’s anti-nuclear protesters remember WWII Posted: 18 August 2012 0241 hrs Photos 1 of 1 People shout slogans as they hold banners during an anti-nuclear power rally in front of parliament in Tokyo. (AFP/Toru Yamanaka) TOKYO: Japanese anti-nuclear demonstrators on Friday recounted … Continue reading

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Health or work? In Taranto no one starves’. But many people die because of cancer. One of Europe’s most polluted cities, Taranto in 2010 held the sinister distinction of producing 92 percent of all Italy’s dioxin emissions. That is in spite of health ministry figures which indicate that deaths from cancer in the region are 15 percent above the national average and lung cancer death rates 30 percent higher.

  Italian steel town ‘dying’ to work Ordered to stop production by a judge because of high levels of pollution, ILVA is responsible for almost a third of Italy’s steel output. One of Europe’s biggest steel makers, closing it would damage the … Continue reading

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The (Olympic) London summit on hunger: What will come out? Cameron: “The figures are truly shocking. One in three child deaths are linked to malnutrition, and 171 million children are so malnourished by the age of two that they can never physically recover.” But what is with the effects of global warming on food, what the use of fields for biofuels? What can sport and stars, joining the hungersummit achieve? The world should observe what comes out of the proclaimed aims!

Mo Farah (back right), lines up with Pele (foreground), Haile Gebrselassie (front right), Brazilian vice-president Michel Temer (back left) and David Cameron for the ‘hunger summit’ photocall. Photograph: Steve Back Must the poor go hungry just so the rich can … Continue reading

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One of the most prominent US-Climate Skeptic, Koch-Funded Scientist Richard Muller Admits Global Warming Real & Humans The Cause: “RICHARD MULLER: Just global warming, yes, global warming is human caused.”

After years of denying global warming, physicist Richard Muller now says “global warming is real and humans are almost entirely the cause.” The admission by Muller, a professor of physics at the University of California, Berkeley and founder of the … Continue reading

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Vilsack also expanded the disaster designation to 218 counties in 12 states. The first six months of 2012 were the hottest on record for the US: California Senator Barbara Boxer noted several events in addition to the ongoing drought, such the breaking away of a large piece of the Greenland ice sheet and heavy flooding. “These recent events make it clear that the climate continues to change and the likelihood of extreme events is growing greater, which puts our nation and puts our people at risk.”

Extreme weather events tied to climate change as drought extends over half of US NEWS SEGMENTS WED, 08/01/2012 – 14:10 Year: 2012 Length: 7:28 minutes (6.83 MB) Format: MP3 Mono 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR) Today, the federal government stepped up its … Continue reading

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