British government wants to fool the world and show indirect, that Ecuador is right, to give asylum to him, because the governments of the Western world want out of political reasons to bring him in prison!: UK tells Ecuador Assange can’t be extradited if he faces death penalty – William Hague says Wikileaks founder could only be sent to US if both Britain and Sweden believe human rights would not be breached. The UK-government confirms so indirect, that they want to bring Julian Assange to court in US and that Ecuador was right, to give him Asylums: Foreign-minster Hague, does not say, that Britain and Sweden will only bring him to Sweden to interview him because the claimend sexual abuses. He says, as the Swedish government before, he does not exclude to deport him to US. According to his statement this would be possible, they just make an agreement, that Assange gets a fair trial and will not be sentenced to death. But even then if he would be imprisoned because may be of a fabricated accusation of “supporting the enemy”, in publishing government secrets, they would have achieved, what they want, to show the world, that the people have no right, to know what our governments really do and plan! And the journalists have no right to publish what they get to know. We all should in our democratic interest support Assange and Ecuador and condem the fooling of the British government!

UK tells Ecuador Assange can’t be extradited if he faces death penalty

William Hague says Wikileaks founder could only be sent to US if both Britain and Sweden believe human rights would not be breached

Assange gives public statement from balcony of Ecuadorian embassy, London, Britain - 19 August 2012

Julian Assange gives a public statement from the balcony of the Ecuadorean embassy last month. Photograph: Tony Kyriacou/Rex Features

Britain has assured Ecuador that Julian Assange has a double guarantee that he cannot face extradition from Sweden to the US if he were to face the death penalty or his human rights were to be breached.

In a written statement to MPs, the foreign secretary, William Hague, said it was a “matter of regret” that the government of Ecuador had decided to offer asylum to Assange after Britain offered a series of assurances to Quito.

Britain is seeking to extradite Assange to Sweden, where he faces allegations of sexual misconduct. The WikiLeaks founder, who sought protection in the Ecuadorean embassy in London in June, has been granted asylum by Quito on the grounds that he could face extradition from Sweden to the US where, it is feared, he could face the death penalty for his role in publishing hundreds of thousands of leaked US government documents.

Hague told MPs the double guarantee meant Assange could only be extradited to the US from Sweden if both Britain and Sweden believed he would not face the death penalty and his human rights would not be breached.

The foreign secretary said: “Both the United Kingdom and Sweden are signatories to the European convention on human rights and the British government has complete confidence in the independence and fairness of the Swedish judicial system. As we have discussed with the government of Ecuador, the United Kingdom and Sweden robustly implement and adhere to the highest standards of human rights protection.

“The suggestion that Mr Assange’s human rights would be put at risk by the possibility of onward extradition from Sweden to a third country is also without foundation. Not only would Sweden – as a signatory to the European convention on human rights – be required to refuse extradition in circumstances which would breach his human rights, but the authorities in Sweden would also be legally obliged to seek the United Kingdom’s consent before any extradition to a non-EU member state could proceed.

“Our consent may only be given in accordance with the international conventions by which the UK is bound, including the European convention on human rights, and also our domestic law. In practice, this means that the United Kingdom could only consent to Mr Assange’s onward extradition from Sweden to a third country if satisfied that extradition would be compatible with his human rights, and that there was no prospect of a death sentence being imposed or carried out.”

The foreign secretary expressed disappointment that Ecuador decided to grant asylum to Assange after officials had explained the guarantees to Quito in detail.

“It is a matter of regret that instead of continuing our discussions, the foreign minister of Ecuador announced on 16 August that Ecuador had decided to grant diplomatic asylum to Mr Assange … We wish to continue our dialogue with the government of Ecuador. We believe that our two countries should be able to find a diplomatic solution. We have invited the government of Ecuador to resume, as early as possible, the discussions we have held on this matter to date.”

In his statement, Hague did not repeat his warning to Ecuador last month that Britain could invoke the Diplomatic and Consular Premises Act 1987 to arrest Assange inside the embassy.

Hague simply told MPs: “Throughout our exchanges, we have noted that the rights of diplomatic missions conferred by the 1961 Vienna convention on diplomatic relations come with responsibilities. Article 41 of the Vienna convention sets out the obligations of diplomatic missions to respect the laws and regulations of the receiving state – in this case the United Kingdom. These include the duty not to impede the due legal process of that state.”


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The capitalistic and imperialistic system and its systematic aims: profit and power over others, still dominates our world and not the aims of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as 1948 agreed! After the world-economic-crisis after 1929 and the following World-War the world hat decided with agreeing the Universal Declaration of Human rights, to create a new world order; conflicts should be solved with peaceful means, not nations and their power, but the dignity of human beings around the world should be the aim of the policies and the economy, of every state and the community of states. But soon after the end of the war, when the victims and destruction were forgotten, all continued as before, with all risks, we had seen before. The split in rich an poor is getting bigger and bigger. We also overuse our global environment already, even if the big majority of mankind still lives in poverty! We are not victims, this world is men-made and be changed from men and women! It will be possible, if those, who do not want or serve (because of system-pressure) profits first, but want for themselves and everybody a life in human dignity unite and develop in a global base-democratic movement a common vision for our world, and learn, how to make this vision real. We need for it a big empowerment of many, many common men and women and their activities. Our chances are because of new communication technologies, of common languages, of the level of education and the mixture of people from different backgrounds better then ever. The occupy-movement is a good start for such a global movement. We support it and try to contribute to its success! We choose news and make comments and so try to unite people for an Occupy-Think-Tank: Its tasks: creating a news-network, self-education, working on global-reform programs and learning to organize projects for those, who are suffering. Join us, so that we can build teams for these aims for all subjects and countries as a base for the unification. We have Wan(n)Fried(en) in our name, because it means When peace and it is a modification of the name of the town our base is, in Wanfried, a small town in the middle of Germany, where we can use a former factory for our activities. Our telefon: 0049-5655-924981, mobil: 0171-9132149, email:
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