Respect for the killed South-African Miners: Marikana community holds Lonmin memorial service – Video – They show us, in television worldwide, when their kings and queens have a cough, but they do not show the world, when the families and communities of those miners, the hardworking people, which create the base of the industries worldwide in bringing out the resources for the industries, who where killed from policemen, because they want wages, they can have a decent life, are mourning! Let us change the culture, and have as much sympathy and respect for the common people as for those, who always stay in the light. And let us support them to get out the truth, why they were killed and who is responsible! And let us support them, that people have a right for decent work, worldwide! Lonmine, you managers and shareholders make billions out of the work of these miners! Give them now the wages, they need, to live in dignity! Your rejections of negotiations already have cost blood enough! You will not come through anymore, colonial and neo-colonialtime is ending!

Thursday 23 August 2012 11:17


The memorial service for the victims of the Lonmin mine violence is underway in Marikana in the North West.

Violence at the mine started two weeks ago, when 10 people, including two policemen and two security guards were killed. The violence escalated last Thursday when police tried to disperse striking mineworkers. Thirty-four people were shot dead, 78 wounded and 259 arrested.

Emotions running high at Lonmin memorial service

Thursday 23 August 2012 11:22


The memorial service, organised by the community and family of the dead Lonmin miners, is underway in Marikana in the North West. Scores of people are attending the service have gathered at the Nkaneng Informal Settlement for the main memorial service of the more than 30 miners who died last week. The mourners are highly emotional.

Religious leaders have lit candles in commemoration of those who’ve lost their lives during bloody clashes between striking mine workers and the police at Lonmin’s Marikana mine.

Earlier, government had to abandon its memorial event in the area and join the service organised by the community. Among those attending are government representatives, opposition party leaders and the religious community.

Pastor Sakhumizi Qiqimana, who’s leading the event, has consoled those who’ve lost their loved ones.

The Inter-Ministerial Committee on the Lonmin tragedy, led by Minister in the Presidency Collins Chabane and other stakeholders have also taken their positions in the tent where the proceedings are taking place.


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The capitalistic and imperialistic system and its systematic aims: profit and power over others, still dominates our world and not the aims of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as 1948 agreed! After the world-economic-crisis after 1929 and the following World-War the world hat decided with agreeing the Universal Declaration of Human rights, to create a new world order; conflicts should be solved with peaceful means, not nations and their power, but the dignity of human beings around the world should be the aim of the policies and the economy, of every state and the community of states. But soon after the end of the war, when the victims and destruction were forgotten, all continued as before, with all risks, we had seen before. The split in rich an poor is getting bigger and bigger. We also overuse our global environment already, even if the big majority of mankind still lives in poverty! We are not victims, this world is men-made and be changed from men and women! It will be possible, if those, who do not want or serve (because of system-pressure) profits first, but want for themselves and everybody a life in human dignity unite and develop in a global base-democratic movement a common vision for our world, and learn, how to make this vision real. We need for it a big empowerment of many, many common men and women and their activities. Our chances are because of new communication technologies, of common languages, of the level of education and the mixture of people from different backgrounds better then ever. The occupy-movement is a good start for such a global movement. We support it and try to contribute to its success! We choose news and make comments and so try to unite people for an Occupy-Think-Tank: Its tasks: creating a news-network, self-education, working on global-reform programs and learning to organize projects for those, who are suffering. Join us, so that we can build teams for these aims for all subjects and countries as a base for the unification. We have Wan(n)Fried(en) in our name, because it means When peace and it is a modification of the name of the town our base is, in Wanfried, a small town in the middle of Germany, where we can use a former factory for our activities. Our telefon: 0049-5655-924981, mobil: 0171-9132149, email:
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